About Tel-Ar

Tel-Ar Communication Solutions and Networking was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to providing complete end-to-end communications solutions for companies and organizations in the economic, business and public sectors

The Tel-Ar group is comprised of four independent divisions with interconnected sales, support and maintenance in the following areas

• Enterprise Telephony – Switchboards and related peripheral equipment used by large businesses and organizations in their enterprise telephony solutions, as described below.
• Computers, servers and IT services – Computer equipment, servers, computers, Internet technology, e-mail servers, software, firewalls, sales, service and support.
• Infrastructure – Complete turnkey communications infrastructure projects including equipment and deployment. Services include server rooms, server farms, passive and active optical fiber networks, communication cabinets, unified communications, project management and all related fields.
• Cameras – Implementation of camera-based projects for control, security, and safety. Tel-Ar camera systems enable on-line viewing of site events by Web, smart phone, or any other means using computerized systems management, recording and much more. 

Why choose Tel-Ar? 

Our reputation is distinguished by three principles that guide the activities of the group since its establishment: 

• Professionalism
• An uncompromising level of service
• Reliability and corporate strength 

These three principles are reflected in the daily activities of the company for nearly 30 years, and enjoyed by thousands of customers. 

Over 20 thousand customers have purchased Tel-Ar systems over the years. The fact that Tel-Ar provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions is obviously a significant advantage for customers who find in Tel-Ar a single supplier with a complete range of services characterized by high professionalism, great support, reliability, and stability throughout the company’s existence. 

All communication solutions under one roof 

Tel-Ar provides its clients with comprehensive solutions incorporating all communications, computing, low-voltage equipment and peripheral systems in a single comprehensive solution. 

These core competencies give Tel-Ar clients all of their communications needs with a single supplier while benefiting from Tel-Ar’s high professional standards. 

Tel-Ar carefully selects its products, and is a qualified and certified distributor for many of the best known communications, telephony, computer and peripheral equipment brands in Israel and the world. 

Tel-Ar Activities 

• Sales, installation, and service for PBX switchboards
• Sales, installation and service for IP switchboards
• Sales and supply of PRI cards, financed by internal operations companies, including: 

o Bezeq 

o Cellcom 

o HOT Telecom 

• Peripheral systems for switchboards, voice mail, IVR systems, answering systems, music systems and routers, and call logging systems.
• Call Center and CTI systems
• Public address systems, alarms, control systems, CCTV systems,
• Multimedia systems, screens, projectors, LCD monitors, plasma screens,
• Set up infrastructure for computers, server rooms, fiber optic and peripheral equipment
• Computer networks – LAN, WAN
• Internet connectivity
• MICROSOFT software, support for existing networks and antivirus software
• Terminal solutions and IP connectivity
• Computer systems, servers, screens, laptops
• Consultants for the establishment of computer networks and maintenance of existing network
• Maintenance services for all types of switchboards, expansions, upgrades and service packages 

Technological innovation, service, efficiency, reliability and resilience of business 

Tel-Ar customers are among the leading business firms in all economic sectors, and include: 

• High-tech companies
• Shipping
• Tourism
• Industrial firms
• Accounting firms
• Law firms • Construction companies
• Hospitals
• Universities and colleges
• Municipalities and local councils
• Hotels and more

We would be happy to serve as your consultants in any of the fields described above. 

We are available by phone: 1-700-50-60-75.

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